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Bridgette Rooks - CEO of Cre8tive Vibes


Using her creative background, Bridgette Rooks founded a company that helps daydreamers realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

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Why did I Start my Own Business?

After a while, you just know. I took a leap of faith and knew it was time to stop running in circles. It was time to stop working for other people. It was time to focus on my dream of being my own boss. 


Being an entrepreneur is far from easy. But you can do it! And I want to help you bring your vision and dreams of entrepreneurship to life.

The best time to have a map is before going into the forest. 

Are you ready for this Journey?

Turning Vision into Reality

After more than 20 years of working in the wonderful world of retail, I finally broke out. With a dream and a vision, I wanted the chance to live my life on purpose and become my own boss. I am now CEO of my own company, Cre8tive Vibes, which provides solutions to help entrepreneurs mentally and Cre8tively prepare to launch their own business.


Even though my degree is in graphic design, I recently realized that I can help my clients in more ways than one. When clients come to me for brand assistance, I find it important to help them bring their vision to life by first getting their ideas organized. It's great to have an idea, but it works best with a plan. I help future entrepreneurs and small business owners by removing the stress and pressure to ‘figure it out,’ and provide structure and process to get organized and launch their business.


Step by Step

As an entrepreneur, you have to have a dynamic work ethic and become dedicated to the process that comes with building a brand. At Cre8tive Vibes, the first step is the Mindset Makeover, an online series where we discuss the mental obstacles that may detour you from successfully launching your business.


The second step is creating what we like to call your Busines Blueprint. This is simply a complete roadmap to guide you through the process of starting your business. It begins with identifying your brand identity and writing your mission, vision, and values. We also coach our clients on developing an outline that describes their services/products with full descriptions and pricing. We focus on finding your ideal clients and or niche and start creating a compelling sales platform to provide a solution for your future client's needs. At the end of the course, the BYOB participants have customized their personal brand content for their business.


This process helps build confidence as well as prove that NOT getting organized is detrimental to launching your brand with ease. It's easy to give up during this process. At Cre8tive Vibes, we want you to be proud of the process and live to inspire the next "futurepreneuers" to come. This is what we call The Entrepreneur Lifestyle.


Don’t Stop Believing

My best advice to men and women as they look to become entrepreneurs is simple: just believe in yourself. Don't allow self-doubt and the fear of the unknown stop you from living your life. We all have greatness in us. Believe that you can achieve and become anything you set your mind to. It's important to find your purpose and trust the process that the journey takes you on.


It can be difficult for people to be willing to change their habits and routines. The most rewarding part of my career is witnessing the transformation that happens when they do decide to get organized, set goals, and take action. Seeing a vision evolve into reality is the best reward. My goals for the future are to build a platform to highlight and tell the stories of the brave few who survive the transformation. We all have a story to tell that can help inspire, support, and motivate during the process of becoming your own brand.




Greatness in you! Go Be Great!

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