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About the Team at Cre8tive Vibes!



The clarity in my business model and vision had eluded me for several years. Since I started my business in 2006 I have evolved in my service offerings many times, but could not effectively communicate them to potential consumers.


After working with Bridgette Rooks - Cre8tive Vibes I found my true voice in business. The BYOB workshop was designed to help me answer questions that forced me to dig deeper into my truth in what I value and can offer others as an entrepreneur. I valued our coaching sessions and was able to bounce ideas off of her without fear of judgment or rejection.  


Bridgette helped me to unearth hidden treasures within InSCRIBEd Inspiration so that I can serve my clients with more laser-focused intentions. I would encourage any business owner who needs a fresh perspective on their service offerings and brand identity to hire Cre8tive Vibes. 

Penda James - Scribe Coach | Editor | Publisher


Atlanta, GA 

If you are looking for a way to put your words into art, to make your vision and your brand stand out and to work with someone who understands what it takes to make it happen in the most efficient way – Call Bridgette Now!

Working with Bridgette literally changed the way I saw my own brand overnight. She did for me what I had been trying to do for myself for over a year and a half. She listened intently and took my words and made them a beautiful eye-catching version of me!

That was three short months ago. Today we are collaborating on projects with over five of my current clients and helping them do the same thing. I am a practical, business strategist that lacks the marketing enthusiasm to spend hours on tasks that don’t fit my skill set. Working with Bridgette has freed me from the chains of this and inspired me to recreate another Brand of mine as well!

You can see her amazing work immediately, it is inspiring, encouraging and affordable!

Shannon Rizzo | Business Consultant |  Strategist

Nashville, TN |


Bridgette is a dream catcher! 
You tell her what you're dreaming, envisioning, or thinking and I promise you she'll catch it in mid-air and make it come to life. 


I have been blessed beyond measure and divinely connected with a great visionary and creative woman.  She's smart, kind, and wise beyond her years. 


Thank you for helping me to continue to know I'm bigger than my book. You, continue to be great!!

Deidre Williams - Speaker | Author | Life Coach


Chicago, IL


Stellar customer service and excellent work.

“I've been working with Cre8tive Vibes for YEARS! I keep coming back because of the stellar customer service and excellent work. I love Bridgette! The way she is able to capture my vision for a project and create it is like magic. I'll continue using her as my business grows. I highly recommend her services.”

Dr. Cubeon Pitts - Inspirational Speaker


Huntsville, AL

I was blessed to have recently worked with Bridgett Rooks of Cre8tive vibes. She is the brand development coach and fabulous website developer and creative designer.

In our day and age, it is very difficult to reach the public without a professional website or brand that gets the publics' attention. I began working with a company I found out on Google but realized that all of the work was going to be done by me and through me. This is an area where I have no experience so in speaking with one of my congregants at our local church, she introduced me to Bridgett Rooks of Cre8vibes. 

I am proud to say that,  within two weeks, we were able to go live and be able to tell others about the development of “Common Ground Baptist Church.” 

I appreciate Bridgett working tirelessly throughout this process providing advice and recommendations. She was very professional and always included my dream with hers. 

It has been a tremendous pleasure to have gotten this project off the ground so quickly. Bridgett truly knows what she is doing, she is a true professional and listens intently to the needs of her base.

Rev. Phillip Finley  - Pastor - Atlanta, GA

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