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Got 60 Minutes?

It's time to Cre8te & Promote your Brand Intelligently! 

Use my stress-free framework to create your business blueprint summary, get organized, and bring your vision to life in 7 steps for $7!


Get Started Right Now!

Develop Your Business Idea in Less than 1 Hour in 7 Simple Steps   

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Use the BYOB Cheat Sheet to see how close you are to bringing your vision to life.

This Mini-Course includes the

FREE 30 Goal Setting Planner. Create a Plan of Action and achieve your TOP 3 Goals in 30 Days.

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Complete your Business Blueprint Summary and gain clarity on your business idea In 60 Minutes.  

Take Action Now! You'll See Exactly Where You Need to Focus Your Time and Have the Tools to Do it the SMART Way.

CV - Mini course.png

This course includes:

A 45-minute video training

BYOB Checklist for Entrepreneurship
30 Day Goal Setting Planner

( a full Month calendar and 4 weeks for action planning)

Here's what you’ll have AFTER this training session:

Clarity on your vision
Identify what you need to get started
Complete your Business Blueprint Summary
Cre8te a POA – Plan of Action
Prepared to set goals for the next 30 days

Don't just take my word for it, check out this CEO.

It all starts by taking that 1st step! 

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