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ELEVEN22 S2E6 - Change Your Mindset

Hey Guys! It's Bridgette and I'm excited to share this week's Episode of ELEVEN22. Time to Live Life to the fullest and this midweek check in is truly going to push some buttons. But in a good way. It's time that we take control of our futures by 1st taking control over our thoughts and emotions. This is no easy task and it really requires you to work hard and face your own insecurities. But YOU CAN DO IT!

Take a listen to this week's episode "Change Your Mindset" and see if the 3 tips shared can help you step out of your own way.

Tips to help you begin the process of Changing your Mindset

1. Adjust your Daily Routines

2. Say Yes instead of I Don't Know

3.Speak the change you want to see into the universe

The full episode goes in to more detail, so press PLAY and take a listen. :)

Till next week.



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