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[CEO Spotlight - Zontaye Richardson ]

Last week I jumped on a live virtual call with my new client Zontaye Richardson, for the first time. Although we had been working together to cre8te her website to support her new book, It’s More than Clothing for the last 3 weeks this was our first in-person meeting. Have you ever fell in love with your job in a matter of minutes? I often get this overwhelming sense of gratitude when I have the opportunity to work with amazing women. This week has been much like the others as I had the privilege to do what I love to do most, support fellow entrepreneurs. This week I've had the pleasure to get cre8tive with Zontaye Richardson.

Zontaye is a small business owner from Dayton, Ohio who opened a super cool thrift store with a twist. You can pop in and see her and all her amazing finds at TheZe DealZ- A Thrifty Boutique, The exciting news is this May 2021 marks the 4th year of business for Zontaye's store. Extraordinarily, Zontaye was also able to celebrate her book launch on the same day!

You can shop with Zontaye and grab a copy of her new book and check out her new website design I'm sure she'd love to meet you and have you as a new customer too!

This week it is my pleasure to introduce you to my client Zontaye Richardson who is Cre8tive Vibes CEO - Spotlight of the Week!

As a part of my CEO celebration, I like to ask my clients to share a bit of insight into their journey towards entrepreneurship. To be the CEO of your business and life requires dedication and strength. Check out what Zontaye has to say about her journey so far.

What made you start your business or become an entrepreneur?

I started my business because there were no quality thrift stores in my community. I had to travel 20 minutes away from my community to find quality gently used items. I also started my store, so that it will be a community gathering place. My shop is more than just a clothing store, but it is so much more.

I have had so many ups and downs along this journey, so I took this opportunity to write a book to help current and future entrepreneurs. “It’s More Than Clothing: The Story of a Dreamer and her Faith” is about the struggles and triumphs of being a first-generation entrepreneur. It is for people who are afraid to start, move forward, or for those who just feel stuck.

In the Cre8tive Vibes, Studios CEO stands for Cre8ting Extraordinary Opportunities. How would you complete the following sentence?

Being the CEO of my life & My Business Means… that I have the opportunity to give people hope to step out on their dreams. It means that I am able to build generational wealth and a legacy for my future offspring. It gives me the opportunity to make an impact on my community and to be the change that I wanted to see.

Why do you want to achieve this year?

I hope to start teaching Webinar classes to aspiring entrepreneurs and to sell at least 500 copies of my book.

Friends, if you are looking to take a leap of faith and join us in this crazy world of entrepreneurship, make sure you grab a copy of Zontaye's book It’s More than Clothing. This is her story of how she combined her faith with mental fortitude and became an entrepreneur. This book, part memoir, part journal, includes tips for business owners that will help you activate your faith and pursue your dreams.

Never stop dreaming and striving to achieve greatness, my friends! All you have to do is BELIEVE!


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Take a look at the recently rebranded website and support Zontaye Richardson.

Follow and connect with her on all Social Media platforms.



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