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BYOB - Step 3 Keep it Short & Sweet

It's hard when you've always worked for someone else, you don't get much say in the company mission vision and values. You receive a handbook, and pen. Then you sign your life away never truly understanding their "Why? Your why is super important when you start working on building your brand. Your WHY should be in your heart and on your mind at all times. I tend to be reminded of my why, my Daughter - AKA Pooh Bear daily. Thinking of her keeps me going. Everything I've been working on and learning is to help change our future. So I'm always thinking about how my Brand reflects both of us and what it stands for.

Moving on to step three of the BYOB course reminds me of the saying "Always Remember Why You Started!"That's one of the best parts of starting your own business you are in total control. You finally get to make the BIG decisions and set the tone for your brand. I take a lot of pride in my mission, vision and values and each day I try to hold myself accountable for them.

3 tips for Creating a Powerful Mission Statement for your brand.

1 - Be sure to keep it short and to the point. Try not to be too wordy. It's no essay.

2 - Explain why the business exists and what makes it different.

3 - Keep in mind your Mission Statement is a reflection of TODAY so write it for the NOW. it's okay to update and revise it as your brand grows and evolves.

These are just a few quick tips that we discuss in week 3 of the BYOB Online Course. There's a lot to cover in a short time frame, but I'll be there with you to support and assist your throughout the process. Greatness is IN you. Now is the BEST time to GO BE GREAT!

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