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[ CEO SPOTLIGHT - Alli Teague ]

Have you ever been so dedicated to developing one part of your dream life only to still have the feeling that something is missing? It's like a higher power that speaks to your purpose and you are being drawn to DIG DEEPER?

It happens more than you know.

I worked with Allison Teague last year to build and brand her Healthy Habit Coaching business. Alli was dedicated, committed and worked hard week after week.

While she was successful in her new business something was calling her so she took a break. Not just a normal break friends, she and her family sold their home and took to the open highway.

Talk about a road trip!

During this time Alli gained clarity. She poured herself into her TRUE Calling. Becoming a BIRTH DOULA.

Please help me celebrate Alli Teague as she launches her new business as a Birth Doula. How special is that!!

Alli's Birth Doula Business is amazing! Take a look!

Alli's Mission is to support families through their greatest transformations.

As Your Birth Doula. You will never be alone. Together we can talk through the decisions you will need to make by ensuring you know all of your options and understand them. It is my top priority to help you learn more about the process. Soon you will feel confident and regain a sense of control by prioritizing what’s most important to you.

I asked Alli, what's next?

My goals this are are to complete my certification as a doula. To do this, I need to attend a minimum of three births. I also want to educate people on the reality of our country's maternal health situation and ways to improve.

I asked Alli why are you starting this business?

She simply replied...

I am starting this business because I believe nothing is more miraculous and special than the birth of a baby, and being present to help couples with that experience is the greatest honor I can imagine. I also believe our country needs to make major improvements in maternal healthcare and doulas play a critical role in reducing pregnancy-related surgeries and deaths. - Alli Teague

This week we implemented a simple website rebrand to her existing design and now she is ready to go help all the mommy's! Stay tuned for more GREATNESS from Alli Teague and be sure to connect with her on Social Media.

Moral to the story, sometimes when your purpose is calling you and you listen, the BIG VISION that was clouded becomes clear!


It's time to CEO!!

CRE8TING EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITIES here in the Cre8tive Vibes Studios. Who's next?!

Check all of the Cre8tive Vibes services - I'd love to help you bring your vision to life too!


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