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[ CEO SPOTLIGHT - Linda Joyce Vaughn ]

This month I've had the pleasure to work with Mrs. Linda Joyce Vaughn. Author and Speaker who needed help getting organized and rebranding her website. After a few weeks of strategic planning and brand development, we relaunched her brand new website.

Linda Joyce Vaughn's 1st book titled The Second Room on the Right, Linda reaches down inside and plucks all those internal strings that connect us as human beings.

Learn more about The Second Room on the Right in the book's synopsis: The Second Room on the Right is written with a combination of courage, humor, wisdom, and forgiveness, this book pulls out of the darkness into the light the truth behind race, class, and culture. It also makes the truth stand up and become a story of triumph rather than shame. The author has a determination to tell her story, especially to young African Americans who might identify with her background but not see a path to success for themselves.

Please help me celebrate my client Linda Joyce as she starts her new podcast in May titled "Everyone Has a Story to Tell." This Podcast is dedicated to her brother, whose personal story she is currently writing about in her second book. You can get on her subscriber's list to be the 1st notified when the podcast launches in May 2021

As a part of my CEO celebration, I like to ask my clients to share a bit of insight into their journey towards entrepreneurship. To be the CEO of your business and life requires dedication and strength. Take a look at what Mrs. Linda Joyce Vaughn has to share in her CEO Spotlight.

My Goals for 2021 are: 1. To finish my second creative nonfiction book 2. To produce my first podcast for my second book 3. To professionally record an audiobook for my memoir 4. To introduce my memoir to at 50 book clubs & High Schools

Never stop dreaming and striving to achieve greatness, my friends! All you have to do is BELIEVE!

Are you next in line? C.E.O Cre8ting Extraordinay Opportunities!

Take a look at the recently rebranded website of Mrs. Linda Joyce Vaughn here in the Cre8tive Vibes Studios


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