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Fail the then Fail Again

Failure is Guaranteed

How often do you find yourself really putting all of your effort into something that might not work? It happens more often than we realize, and it can be really scary to think about the possibility of failing.

When I was younger I actually attempted to join the track team in High School. I remember feeling that “this (track) was not my thing!” but it's fun to be here after school with friends. My first attempt at running track was hurdles. (Pause Thinking to myself Why in the hell would I be running hurdles?) I can only think that it was because I had long legs and at the time. and I was tall. So I found myself out there on the track when I realized... “Oh man! This is going to hurt!” I learned a few things from that first and one and only time falling down jumping over those hurdles. I learned that jumping hurdles was something that just was not going to do. I failed...

Here are the top four things to do when you know that you're going to fail and fail again.

  • Analyze what didn't work. First you have to take the time to understand why your process didn't work and what it was that caused it to fail. Being honest during this time is very important. Try not to sugarcoat it, BE HONEST. If it was easy it probably wouldn't have failed. Lesson Learned.

  • Revamp what DID work & make it better. What worked for you?. Identify the things actually were very successful to help you achieve the goal. Analyze this part very very closely because this is what you're going to need to build on.Take the time to see what really worked and making THAT work better, is the KEY to why you will be successful when you try again.

  • You have to have a positive attitude about the failure. I know that sounds crazy but you have to be positive even when it hurts. Kind of like when I fell jumping over those hurdles that hurt, but I knew it wasn't for me. However if you believe in what you're doing and it hurts, you have to get up and dust yourself off. Then you are prepared to do it again with a positive attitude.

  • Believe that you can do it regardless. This last step helps put everything into perspective. Here's why... it's up to you to decide to try. You have to take charge, get up off the couch (log off of Social Media) and go make it happen. Because, if you don't believe it can happen and you don't put the effort. Then... You guessed it. Nothing is going to change. So regardless of how you feel. Regardless of what others say. Regardless of what you think may or may not happen. You have to believe in yourself that you can do it again.

Be sure to share your comments and stories of how you turned your FAILURES around! :)

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