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Cre8tive Vibes - Cre8tive Planning Made Easy

Cre8tive Vibes currently provides solutions to help entrepreneurs mentally and Cre8tively prepare to launch their own business. The hard part, once they get started, is just getting things in order and learning to adjust to a new lifestyle.

As an entrepreneur, you have to have a dynamic work ethic and become dedicated to the process that comes with building a brand. In the Monthly Master Planning Session, we discuss the mental obstacles that may deter you from successfully launching your business. We offer goal setting assistance, strategic planning for better results. In this series, we work through habit and routine changes as well as touching on the importance of emotional control. All are necessary for Work-Life Balance. This is a 6 part series offered online and includes a one on one creative chat.

The Second step is creating what we like to call your Personal Brand Bible. This is simply a complete roadmap to guide you through the process of starting your business. It begins with identifying your brand identity and writing your mission, vision, and values. We also coach our clients on developing an outline that describes their services/products with full descriptions and pricing. In this course, we also focus on finding your ideal clients and or niche. This helps prepare the client to create a compelling sales platform to provide a solution for their future customer's needs. At the end of the course, the BYOB participants will have personally customized their brand content and will be prepared to launch their business.

At Cre8tive Vibes we want you to understand that “the Struggle IS required”. This process helps build confidence as well as prove that not being organized while launch your business can be detrimental. It's easy to give up during this process that’s why we are here for support. It is all a part of the journey and your story will help to inspire the next "futurepreneuers" to come.

Greatness is in all of us. Our motto “GO BE GREAT!”

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