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Hurry up and Wait (Wisely)

We’ve all been there a time or two. You know, that “Hurry up and wait” time. If you are a planner like myself, it can be frustrating being super prepared and ready, only to have to wait for other people. But the truth is if you use the time you spend waiting on others wisely, you might make some extra money and find NEW doors opening.

Here are a few great tips for the in between time:

1 - Clean up your email or snail mail box. There could be potential NEW Clients or customers waiting to take advantage of your service or products. Shoot them an email or make quick phone call and tell them about your specials. I mean… even if you don’t have a “special” they don’t know it is not tailored just for them. Use the loss of time to your advantage and make a sale or start a new contract.

2 - Revisit your current clients/customer list. Spend that down time updating their accounts reevaluate their current contracts. Look and see if there is anything you can do to help them be successful. Then reach out to them. Call or email, you never know, they may have a need that you can help with. Nothing wrong with scoring a quick sale and making some extra money that you hadn’t planned on.

3 - Check your Goals and Vision board. This is a good time to take a look from the customers perspective to see just how your Brand feels. You may be able to make some tweaks to your website. Write some great content and update your social media calendar. If you are lucky you may have a few hours to complete that brilliant thought your had last month and add it to your service packages.

4 - Are YOU really ready? Or procrastinating? Double check and see if you are truly unable to move forward without the details or missing information. Is that other person really holding up progress or is there a separate phase you can get a jumpstart on? Don’t get lazy just because you’re working with someone else. Keep the momentum going and you’ll be that much closer to completing your project successfully.

Push yourself to maximize you fullest potential. Learn to wait wisely!

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