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ELEVEN22 S2 E13 - My Mistakes Make Me

I am still celebrating my 12 month anniversary of working for myself FULL-TIME! Wheeww. I can't tell you enough how much this SIMPLE milestone really has changed me. Even though I still have so far to go. But I've come so far, and that is reason to celebrate. Far too often we overlook the best parts of our growth, while dwelling on the reasons why we got stuck. Well It's time out for all of that. It's time to embrace your mistakes and admit it. YEP! That sucked! I made a mistake and start appreciating the errors of life.

This week's episode is about that very thing. Are you willing to take a loss? Can you stand the criticism? Well it's time to start facing the music and learning to dance to the beat of your mistakes!

Check out my confession to the mistakes I've made and take advantage of these 3 tips. This week I've got three tips to help you learn accept your mistakes, manage your emotions, handle the stress so you can proudly face the music.

Press play. Hit Share. And Let me know what you think! We all make mistakes because we live in an imperfect world! Embrace. Reflect. Grow. Trust the process!




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