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BYOB: Step 4 Passwords & Fantasy Folders

Have you ever found yourself stuck with that blank look on your face as you remembered that you just forgot one of the 15K passwords you have to remember each day? I swear I so am grateful for all 15K passwords that my laptop gets to remember.

Lord knows my memory is slowly showing its age. This is why one of the best practices we work on in week 4 of the BYOB (Be Your Own Brand) Online Course, is creating and saving passwords. May seem simple, but it is very important.

In this Step of the BYOB Online Course, I like to get you thinking about how to develop your brand. Having an idea in mind for how you see your brand visually impacting the world is huge. Most people don't put much thought into this and just let the designer create. (Well, sometimes) It is a great practice to locate and be familiar with websites and branding techniques that you love. Being able to communicate what you want visually in the design studio is super helpful. Especially if you do it prior to sitting down with the designer. (I know... yes I said it. Designers, you're welcome)

This is why in Step 4 we discuss layout ideas, color themes and functionality.

Here are 2 things to consider before sitting down with the designer.

1 - Have a few ideas in mind. I think it is a great best practice to create a "My Fantasy Folder". One for logos and one for website ideas. In the Weekend Workshop ( the face to face BYOB option) we create a pinterest board and fill it up with logo designs and creative icon images we love. I also have the group screenshot and make a quick note about what they like about the site they saved. . In case your memory is like mine. This makes it easy to remember why you saved it in the first place. Plus it is good for referencing and highlighting the functions that they would like to see on their business website when you chat with the designer.

2 - Prepare an official contact list for your brand. This includes everything from your business phone numbers and or fax. All branded email addresses and even the physical address (if you have one) will be helpful. This will make it easier for the designer, not only to get in touch with you, but to know exactly what to put on the contact page for your website, what info to add on the website footer, and especially your official business cards. Being prepared is great!

Sometimes the simple things that we tend to think are "self explanatory" really work better if communicated in advance. I'm a huge fan of saving time and not wasting it. That reminds me of the saying I use to tell my employees back in my retail days.

"Work SMART! Not Hard."

I look forward to working with you in the BYOB Online Course or The Weekend Workshop. Either way, we can knock out some of this before you get ready to meet with the designer. Having a great website launch will works best if you are hands on in the content creating and conceptual visualization. That's why we get prepared in advance so the designer can do what they do best, Design!

Join us in the next BYOB online Course -

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