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For My Sanity. For My Future. For My Peace of Mind!

Every now and then we come to a point in our careers where we feel lost. Getting up and going to work is like a chore. You find yourself in a serious debate between non- life threatening ailments and semi-not-so-serious car trouble. Yet you still lie there. Your minds racing as you try to convince yourself of all the things you'd rather be doing, none of these images include going to "that job" today. Trust me, I've been in that place and it is no fun. 5 Years ago I realized that I had to make a change for the better. For my sanity. For my future. For my peace of mind! I went back and forth for at least a year of working full time. Stay or go? Go! Or Stay. I had to take a hard long look and decide between a normal lifestyle or to finally start investing my time in doing something that I love.

Why is that same idea stuck in your head?

What are you struggling to let go?

What obstacles are standing in the way of you changing your life?

How can you do this alone?

When will you learn to say NO and stop allowing people take advantage of you?

What happens if you spend time building your business instead of giving it away for free? How can you overcome overwhelm and balance it all?

I know these are difficult questions to answer. But you have to face the fears that have been keeping from reaching your personal goals. Living life on purpose requires a tremendous amount of faith. You have to believe that your life has a purpose and that your unique ability must be shared with the world. Are you in love with animals and want to provide pet care? Or perhaps you make the best homemade pies in the entire town and everyone one keeps asking you to bake for their upcoming events. We often think that being the CEO of doing what we love requires a million dollars to get started, but in all reality, it just requires a lot of LOVE and dedication!

Taking a leap of faith and branching away from all normalcy is tough. Starting your own business is even more challenging. It requires a fearless, strong sense of humor to face days and nights that you will have to laugh to keep from crying. It is lonely and downright a daily battle to maintain the ambition and courage to tread forward through the struggle.

With that being said, you want to quit your job today right? Jump out there and join the rebels in the entrepreneur world! Ha-Ha, I realize that this picture that I've painted is less than inviting, but trust me, waking up and working for yourself will change your life.

What Steps are you taking to change your life? Are you ready to build your personal business and learn to live life on purpose? I did! I am... Are you ready! let's be Cre8tive!

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