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Minimize it .... PLEASE!

Step Two - Insanity As you grow and develop your brand things will get a bit crazy. In case you are thinking it won't happen to you... I'm here to tell you if it doesn't.... You're doing it wrong.

First the idea of launching​ a business hits you. HARD! (Remember that was Step one - Epiphany) Then you feel the need to do it ALL like... RIGHT NOW. 😮 que step Two..

Truth is when change happens in anything a disruption must occur. And the Insanity sets in.

Just a heads up on things to come:

➡ People will think you're crazy. (don't feed into it BLOCK IT OUT) It's your vision for a reason and not everyone is going to "get it" or see it.

➡ YOU will tell YOU you're crazy. (don't feed into it BLOCK IT OUT) get out of your heard and stay strong. Positive Vibes only.

➡ Everything around you will become crazy. (don't feed into it BLOCK IT OUT) taking on more responsibility requires GREAT faith and organization. Do the necessary work ONLY! Don't waste time on people or things that are clearly NOT helping you reach your goals.

This part of your transformation into an entrepreneur will test ALL if your emotions. You will have to truly trust that this is your PURPOSE and learn to balance it ALL and more.

Minimize the chaos and focus on your goals. Now get up and Go Be Great!

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