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Q&A - The Puzzle

I can't express how important it is to get organized. In order to truly see your vision come to fruition, it has to have a format. Every puzzle has multiple pieces to it. Each piece connects to the next and the BIG picture will never be visible until you connect each piece. How is your puzzle coming together?

Launching your own business has many components or “pieces” to it. It can become overwhelming if you try to rush it. I remember doing puzzles as a child. We’d dump out the pieces and enthusiastically get to work. That excitement would soon wear off as the idea of time and effort it was going to take to finish started to sink in.

Doubt and impatience will delay the process of anything.

Even the simple task of completing a puzzle.

Like that puzzle, your business won’t work unless you have a plan. Even as a child working on a puzzle, I had a plan. I’d start by turning all of the pieces right side up. Then organizing each piece into small piles based on image or color background. I’d make sure to have clear sightline of the top of the box with the entire picture easy to see. In the beginning is where it all starts. Even though you may not know exactly how each piece is going to work together, you must keep working to find the solution.

Let’s start gathering all the pieces of your Vision. No time like the present to sort them and get organized.

There's a lot that goes into bringing your vision to life and this is why I want to help get your “puzzle” organized. The big picture on your box top is the success of launching your brand and ensuring that the world will respond and recognize your vision. Can you see it? I can.

Together we can do it piece by piece.

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