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Distraction or Action?

Excuses do one thing....And that's Prolong success. Today's Challenge is a simple choice. Distraction or Action?

Every time I ask someone "what's stopping you from Starting your own business?", the answer is usually one of three replies. Not enough time. I tried but something came up. I'm waiting until the time is right.

Truth is there's never going to be enough time. Something is always going to come up and the time will never be right. So my suggestion is ...Don't let anything stand in the way! STOP procrastinating and take control of your life.

Fear will find its way into every single situation if you allow it. So Starting today, it's time to take action and shoot for the stars!!! Get out there and Go Be Great!!!

Let Cre8tive Vibes help you get organized and come up with a plan to bring your

vision to life.

The BYOB Party will do just that. Check out the details and become a member now.

All summer long my studio door is open. Make an appointment today!

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