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ELEVEN 22 S2 E9 - FIight Delayed

Yep you guys guessed it is time for this week's Midweek happy hour. Or should I say "Happy 10-13 minutes or so?" I'm excited to share this week's episode with you. I have to admit... I wasn't feeling 100% this week, so you may sense that in my voice. NOPE. Truth be told. I was a bit emotional while recording this week. I am sooo passionate about sharing positive words of encouragement and seeing the change in you, that it makes me cry! lol

(well.....Could be PMS too, but anyhoo....) :)

This week's episode has been created to reassure you that even though YOU are GREAT! It may take some time for you to release our Greatness!

Just know that your blessings may be delayed, but they are still on the way. I think we all seem to be wandering around this earth looking forward to that day when it all just clicks! Trust me we are all in the same battle. Just make sure that you don't loose sight of the BIGGER PICTURE.

(Easier said than done right?! I know.)

There are so many distractions happening to us and around each day in our lives, honestly, life can become robotic. But as you know it doesn't have to be!

Take a listen to this week's episode and prepare for take off. I just hope you won't wait much longer. :)



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