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ELEVEN22 - S2 E10 Insanity Cycle

Hey guys! Did you make it to work on time Monday? When ever we spring forward it is always a challenge to recover from that missing hour of sleep. I know I was struggling on Monday and Tuesday. Now mind you I don't sleep very well anyways so losing that 60 minutes had the last few mornings all out of whack. BUT I'm BACK! ANd I'm ready for this week's episode, every so mindfully titled... INSANITY CYCLE.

We all know the definition of INSANITY RIGHT??!!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again

and expecting different results.

Well if you are sick and tired of the crazy chaos called life, check out this week's episode. I've got 3 tips to help bring a bit more balance and remove a lot more of the insanity. Take a listen. :)

music - bendsound

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