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ELEVEN22 - S2 E12 Get UNcomfortable

So here we are again. It's Wednesday and time is flying once again. I promise you that I wake up and BLINK and find myself BACK in my pj's ready for bed. Like, "WHAT IS HAPPENING?". Time is moving so fast. I guess that is why I feel so motivated to share these words of encouragement because time is not guaranteed. Most importantly we have to stop taking TIME for granted and started changing.

This week I have been thinking a lot about the time that a situation made me uncomfortable. How do you handle things, when you get uncomfortable? It's not easy by any means, and most of us tend to run away at the opportunity to change and evolve from the UNCOMFORTABLE place.

Today's episode is diving into that very place. Trust me...

It is NOT fun, but it is REQUIRED.

Three tips for facing the UNCOMFORTABLE PLACE: 1. Confess that you are UNcomfortable. 2. Take a moment and GET OUT of your emotions. 3. Be open to change.

Now, these tips seem pretty simple, right? BUT how many of us actually take this approach? Well, it's time to GET UNCOMFORTABLE and learn how to FLY. Take a listen to this week's episode of ELEVEN22 and get ready for GREATNESS! xoxo B~ music -


B~ x

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