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ELEVEN22 S2 E14 - Season Finale

WOW! I can't believe that it has already been 14 weeks. Time sure does fly when you are focused dedicated and determined. Truth is, doing these podcast has really helped me grow. I hope that you have also found value in this content. As you know the main goal is to be inspired and INSPIRE. Even though we may not always know the why when things happen. We can definitely take control and do the work required to GROW from each phase.

In this season's episode's I talked a lot about growing and understanding your purpose. Most of all learning to recognize how your actions and reactions set the tone for everything. This week's final episode will recap all of the highlights from S2. Take a listen.

There's no Cliffhanger, but hold on! I've got some NEW content coming in S3 so be sure to follow me on Instagram and Subscribe to my website for highlights of what's to come!

By the way here is a VLog link of this podcast in case you are more of a VISUAL person like me. :)

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