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Who Are You Becoming?

Michelle Obama asked Who are you becoming? I am "Becoming" ME!

We all have a story to tell. It's a combination of all the best and worst chapters of our experiences that make us who we are. Even though I have had my fair share of detours along the way, I realized that my story is not over.

It's not easy to be still and work on your mental health and happiness. Finding clarity, understanding and confidence is a job only I can achieve. It feels lonely and often seems sad but the truth is having peace of mind has changed my life.


Here's a few tips that have helped me gain clarity and understanding to find peace.

▪️ Make time to do things that you enjoy that doesn't require spending money. Because you may not always have money to spend.

▪️Work on building the relationships that feed into your future. Stop reminiscing and reliving the "good ole days" and start having new experiences and conversations with new people.

▪️ Sacrifice is not a punishment. It's a convenient way to force you to do something different with your time. Be open to NEW things. Even if it's uncomfortable.

▪️ Be vulnerable. No one is perfect, don't be afraid to share your mistakes. Start asking for help and in return help others by sharing your story.

▪️Set goals for yourself. Change habits and old routines and truly understand why you want to change them. Then promise to never revert back.


Being a single parent didn't break me. Never being married or divorce for that matter doesn't mean something is wrong with me. Quitting my executive level job without having a job... well that was stupid lol but that made me fighter.

It helped me believe that I already have everything I need to start my own business and become an entrepreneur. And proved that I can do anything I set my mind to. Now I am stronger, wiser and accepting of who I am. I am exactly who I'm am - Bridgette!

Who are you "Becoming"?

Embrace your GREATNESS, your failures and achievements. Stop comparing where you are in the journey with everyone else. Just work daily on Becoming the best version of YOURSELF. Stand tall and tell your story.

It's proof that you are still growing and still ALIVE.

Go Be Great ▪️

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