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The 5-Minute Goal

When you work in the corporate world you hear a lot of acronyms like, SMART, KPI's, EOD or RoI. As an entrepreneur, it's very important to be SMART. You have to set and understand your own Key Performance Indicators or at the End Of each Day or there won't be a RoI. Get it?!

Even though it drove me crazy I have to admit. Working in the Corporate world in my past life has trained my mind. Now I'm totally accustomed to a structured work ethic. You know... creating agendas and forecasting traffic, and generating sales campaigns. As an entrepreneur, I still implement these best practices in my daily routine, and I love it. Unfortunately, not everyone has mastered the power of planning and goal setting. I experience this fairly often as I work with new clients each day. Sometimes I think they set goals 5-minutes before jumping on the call for our meeting. (insert thinking face emoji) Are you guilty of this? It's easy to "sound" like you have a plan, but it literally takes 5 minutes to identify if there's NO action to the plan.

It's a new year and the timing is perfect (while you're still motivated by resolutions and promises) to make a change. It's time for a complete mindset rehaul! The lack of understanding of your own goals could be the reason you are not hitting the mark and achieving your goals.

" The Best time to have a map is BEFORE entering the forest." - Brendon Burchard

Over the last few months, I've been in the studio developing a new online series. This series is designed to help you identify your goals AND prepare to execute the goals you've set for the new year. The Master Planning Session is packed full of tips, tools, and worksheets to help you become an organized thinker and build confidence to achieve greatness. You may want help building and branding your business, or you may just want to get organized for personal or self development. All are welcome!

Now is the perfect time to face the facts you need some help getting organized. Cre8tive Vibes can help. Check out this quick Master Planning Session preview.

Looking to Succeed in 2019!

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