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Every Stepback is NOT a Setback

I don't know about you but some days I'm super pumped up! I have this great sense of accomplishment and I feel amazing like I can do anything. And then there are days where I feel like this has got to stop. I look at myself in the mirror and think, what in the world are you doing? And better yet, why in the world are you doing? Then I have to remind myself

Now is NOT the time to give up!

I just wanted to reach out this morning to remind you guys to not give up. We've come so far and we have changed and grown so much now is no time to quit. No matter how hard things get please try to stay focused on your goals and remember to always control what you can control. I mean we are superwomen, but even superman had help.

Here are three ways to identify that you are on the right track and this is not the time to quit.

✨ Don't quit just because you don't understand how to do something. Sometimes we work so hard and don't realize until after the fact how far we come. A good sign that you are moving forward is when things start to get harder to understand. Another sign is when you look around and find yourself in new situations that you’ve never experienced before. Basically, it's like graduating and going to the next grade where everything is new. Or think about like this. It feels like being promoted in your career. That dreaded feeling of making mistakes or not being prepared to do a good job may feel very similar. As entrepreneurs, we graduate and level up just the same only we usually don’t slow down long enough to celebrate. So don't be afraid when you are suddenly in a space that's new and you don't quite fit in or understand how things work. Just trust that you are right where you're supposed to be and start learning everything you can.

✨ Don't quit just because you are unable to do ALL the things on your own. I have always been super independent, and use to hate to ask for help. As I’ve gotten older and evolved as a leader I’ve realized that is a major part of success. Over the last few weeks, it has become very clear that having help IS growth. Asking for help or expanding your team may be scary to imagine but it gives you time to focus on the things that you are good at and enjoy doing. People often say you must equally work on your weaknesses but I say higher help to work in the areas where you are not strong. You're only setting yourself up for failure if you try to do all of the things on your own especially the things that you are not good at. You will find yourself wasting your time attempting to do what you don't do well and not having time for the things you love. This is where the feeling of wanting to quit begins to stir up inside you because the thing that once was fun and exciting is now draining you. So make plans as you level up to look for help with the things you don't have time to do and aren't really good at.

✨ Don't quit just because you're tired. Learn to slow down and stop - and take a break. Most days I get laser-focused and can power through a project in no time. Sometimes when I can’t find my groove or get in the zone I tend to feel unfocused and frustrated. I hate feeling super distracted and unproductive. When I feel like this I stop and redirect to take time and analyze what's frustrating me. Identifying the pain point of frustration helps to clear your head so you can move forward. Then take a deep breath and shift gears. Do what you can with what you have until you get where you need to be. It may be as simple as going for a walk, calling a friend to lighten the mood and make you laugh or just taking a nap. Most of the time our frustration is because of the unknown or lack of experience. Give your brain a break and take time to rejuvenate, also a nice glass of wine may do the trick.

Today's a great day to have a great day. So believe in yourself shake off the fears no one is quitting today! Every stepback is NOT a setback, be able to see past this right now feeling and shoot for the bigger picture.

You were born to be and do great things! So wake up everyday and do your very best to push past challenges and overcome any obstacles that may try to interfere with your progress. You got this!



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