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3 Lifestyle Changes I Made to Take Action and Regain Control

A huge part of my personal growth and development has been the transformation of my mind.

I use to be preoccupied with what I didn't have (money, career, amazing husband, big house, etc) and who didn't live up to my expectations (people who left or how their actions were hurtful or disappointing). Those emotions caused an extreme amount of anxiety and depression in my life. There was a point where things got really dark and believed that this was my life and I should accept it.

Here are 3 lifestyle changes I made to take action and regain control:

✨ Waking up early and creating a morning routine. Taking charge of your day gives you the ability to control and prepare for what does and doesn't happen.

✨ Exercising is self-rewarding because only you can do it. No one can work out for you. I found that pushing my body through exercise provided great confidence and connection spiritually. And when done often you will see the results based on your actions.

✨ Be still. Be quiet. Be aware. Sometimes you just have to shut up and sit down somewhere in order to truly appreciate everything you have. It's easy to get caught up in what's missing, so find ways to appreciate what you do have daily. No complaining allows only solutions.

These few things have become a process that has shown great results in my everyday routine. By shifting my mindset from consuming to producing, I learned how to take charge of my emotions and put that energy to good use.

Mental health and emotional control are not often a topic of conversation. This is why I try to share my experience as often as possible. How you think and feel about yourself is very important. This often leads to how much you believe in your GREATNESS.

Now you know why I have Go Be Great as a life quote (and I wear it proudly) Understanding that you have everything you need is key. Because you were born to BE and DO great things.

Where the day takes you is up to you, so wake up every morning and take charge of your day. Exercise your mind body and soul. Be present and remember, life is short and you are in control.



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