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Embracing the Process & Being Patient While Building Your Business

It's time to Exhale and Breathe My Friends - Welcome to Step 3 in The 7 Step Formula for Manifesting your Dreams. Check out this week's episode of The Entrepreneur Lifestyle and start to Exhale! Take a listen !

Anytime there is a change in direction be that in your life or within your business, you will feel a shift. As your vision and dream become clear you will find that your habits become more like routines. Even with all of the insanity you have to learn how to take a moment and breathe. Mastering this habit and making it a part of your daily routine is where the journey ends and you've officially adapted to this new lifestyle.

Building your business takes focus and intentional planning. There's no need to rush this process. When I made the decision to quit my career in Merchandising and become and start my own business, I have to admit I was often overwhelmed. It wasn't until I gave up sleeping in for Lent one Easter that I truly embraced the importance of intentional planning. Are you trying to do too much? The solution is simple. Slow down.

The idea of slowing down when you feel like you are NOT being productive may freak you out a bit, but don't feed into these emotions. Slowing down and being patient is a talent and it requires you to hold yourself accountable and address your own areas of opportunities. For example, if you know you are constantly distracted by social media or unnecessary phone calls and text, silence your notifications or turn your phone off. Take action by setting uninterrupted productivity hours for yourself.

Start connecting the emotion with action and embrace this process while learning to productively be patient.

Here is the formula for creating a NEW action plan.

Understanding How you Feel by Connecting with the Emotion:

  • It's ok to be alone. Seclusion is not a punishment it is required - Creating a new normal for yourself to be creative requires making time for developing your vision.

  • Get organized. Be productive and intentional - Set weekly goals and create an action plan for getting the task done each week.

  • Imposter Syndrome. Show up and be present and give 100% - Your business is an added layer to your life it requires you to be the NEW you not the old you.

Create an Action Plan and Be realistic about your goals:

  • How much time do you have right now? - Action Item is to add blocks of time to your calendar. No time? You have to sacrifice somethings and see where can you add time.

  • Who do you need support from to make time? - Action Item is to contact your support team directly and let them know what you're working on and what your overall goals are. Keep in mind that you need to be prepared to deal with those who will be a distraction or trouble.

  • Do you need help? It’s ok to get help - Action Item is reaching out for advice or get training from the right people. Or hiring people to assist you so you can free time to plan and organize your business.

The only thing you have total control over is you.

So if you are committed to changing and making new lifestyle habits, it must become a daily choice. Here's your accountability checklist.

  • Use a calendar and set simple weekly goals that you can achieve

  • Celebrate your small wins for the week

  • Confront the failures each week

  • Make goals to improve in the areas you've failed last week

  • Read, listen and study daily to maintain your motivation

It's hard to slow down while running the race. Trust me I get it. But it is all apart of the process. Learning to utilize your downtime is one of the best ways to ensure growth. Find out what habits and routines you need to change and put yourself to the test each week. Baby steps add up to HUGE leaps.

Are you ready to Take Action Today? Get started changing your habits into routines with the Mindset Makeover online course.


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