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How to Identify if Your Epiphany is Doable or Snoozeable

If you are anything like I am, you are always thinking about the next BIG idea for your business. It’s hard not to! Since the demand keeps changing and there is so much competition out there. Having an innovative thought process as an entrepreneur is extremely beneficial especially if you know how to manage your time.

In my new book Cre8ted to Win: The Furturepreneurs Guide to Greatness, I tell the story of the 7 Step Formula for Manifesting your dreams. Epiphany is the first step of the formula, the step most likely to be repeated over and over again. Coming up with great ideas is usually not a difficult task. As entrepreneurs, the lack of not having enough ideas rarely seems to be the problem. Normally the roadblock comes from deciphering which Epiphany’s are doable and which ones we need to hit the snooze button on. Overcoming this is something that you'll have to learn how to do in order to not waste your time, energy, and money.

When I first started my journey I thought to stay up late and burn the midnight oil was an official sign of hard work. This was the magical hour when I had all of my breakthrough Epiphanies, everything always looked good fell into place. Only to wake up in the morning feeling unsure of what I created overnight and exhausted.

Things have changed since then. Now I’m up before sunrise and making the most of my morning. How do you feel about your morning routine? We are all different, so there is no right or wrong answer. Personally, I love being in that mental space where I feel creative and productive especially when I know everyone else is still asleep. When do you feel most creative? How often do you get that Aha download, more importantly, do you take action? Switching gears from night owl to early bird really helped my mindset and gave me the clarity to execute my ideas efficiently.

The truth is being creative and always thinking of NEW things for your business can be dangerous. So be careful, this part of the 7 Steps can be both a blessing and a curse. On one had your idea very well might change the world but on the other hand, you may need to focus on the 25 other priorities on your to-do list before you claim that superhero title.

Listen, I had to learn my lesson the hard way so today, there is no mismanaging my time. EVER!

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions When that BIG IDEA hits:

1. Will It Make You Money?

Let's talk about your concept. Is it a new product or something that will enhance your current services? Take a moment to really think about the answer to this question. Where's your head at? It is easy to be inspired to imitate so make sure what you are developing is going to add value and provide a solution to your clients.

2. Is This BIG Idea Keeping You Up at Night?

It's very important to remember during the epiphany phase you may not be able to eat or sleep because your brain is constantly thinking of ways to develop this new idea. So my suggestion to you is to find a way to balance all of your thoughts and actions so that you can be dedicated to your business by creating a schedule. Open up your Google app and start looking realistically on times that you have that you can dedicate to developing your idea. Then put that time frame on your calendar. Calendar blocking is a huge part of success when you are trying to develop an idea. This dedicated time should require uninterrupted productivity time that will bring your vision to life.

3. Does It Support Your Why?

Make sure you're able to see the big picture of your Epiphany. Work smart, not hard, it’s easy to create unnecessary work for yourself. Be clear and prioritize, then grab your business blueprint and see if it passes the test. Make sure that your BIG Idea is a piece to your puzzle and not creating an entirely NEW puzzle. If it is a “save for later” save it for later and move on. Just know that your idea may still be valid and you may need to develop it later. I can’t tell you how many times I have referred to my BIG Ideas list and the time was right.

Here are 6 simple ways to turn that big idea into a business that wins.

Take time to create an ongoing list that you can revisit quarterly. It’s good to have these BIG Ideas set aside for when the time is right. Having the answers to these Epiphanys will help you stay on target so that you don't detour from your niche. Stay on target and make sure you are adding value so you will see a return on your investment.

Now is the time to decide if you should hit snooze or take action towards bringing your EPIPHANY to life.

The Choice is Up to You


Join me each week for a new perspective. Learn how to SHIFT those old thought processes and prepare for the PIVOT to create a major change for your future.

Entrepreneurship is more than a journey, it's a lifestyle. It's time to stop making excuses and BE THE CEO of YOUR LIFE!


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