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It's Time to Stand Tall with Deidre

The first time I spoke to Deidre I just knew she was special. I remember asking her “how can I help?”. She sighed. Then paused. And finally said. I don’t know Bridgette. I am just listening to God. (feel free to have a little praise shout right here) I remember the goosebumps I had as I anxiously waited to hear what God said to her. One of the things that I have found to be true as a brand development coach, is that your greatness truly shines through you when you have a strong connecting with God.

Deidre published her 1st book in 2019 titled, “Standing Tall - Walking in My Father’s Promise.” After 2 short months of working together, Deidre’s book was being promoted on her new website and she had clear cohesive branding on all of her social media platforms.

Here are Deidre’s thoughts on her book and experience, Walking with Christ is a process It takes time, consistency, and faith. As a woman, when I made a mistake, I felt embarrassed or ashamed of my actions. My immediate reaction typically included blaming myself and declaring, "I'm done. I'm finished." The disappointment was especially difficult for me as a new believer in Christ, or when I felt I had fallen away from my purpose.” Not long after she launched her website, I asked Deidre, “So what’s next?” She sighed. Then paused. And finally said, God’s telling I need to do more.

Do you know what God is saying to you? Have you heard Him whispering in your ear about how to use the gifts that He’s given you? What are you doing to live in your greatness?

Listening to God when he speaks to you is a powerful thing. However, being obedient and faithful enough to take action and DO what He asks, well that is EMPOWERING! And that is exactly what Deidre does. She listens and takes action!

The “MORE” Deidre was referring to turned into a YouTube Channel that is dedicated to monthly interviews where she features amazing women who are also Standing Tall and Walking in His Promise. You’d never know that Deidre was afraid or worried about getting on camera, working with technology, and planning out an interviewing process. She jumped in headfirst and partnered with her good friend Fanchon and made it happen instantly. Side note- it is important to have friends who are experts in areas that you are not. And Fanchon has truly done an outstanding job and helped Deidre bring her videos to life. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel and listen and be inspired by the achievement of phenomenal women each month.

Here's an awesome episode that may help you to continue to stand tall during a pandemic.

Then something amazing happened to Deidre. Deidre’s book about her journey has not only helped her trust God and step out of her comfort zone, but it has helped so many women build a stronger relationship with God as well. What started out as a simple website request turned into an eBook and small group sessions. This paved the way for Deidre to make a huge announcement of becoming a Life Coach. Which so conveniently happened during her birthday month! What a great way to celebrate!

Recently I asked Deidre, “What has 2020 taught you so far?” Here's her reply.

“One thing that I've learned about myself-- that when I get around the right ones, the right circle, that's doing the right things too I can I do anything. I really can. I just have to trust and believe that anything's possible.”

If you are looking for a life coach who truly understands what it means to be obedient. If you need a life coach who knows how to listen and genuinely cares for you and can help you make life-changing moves, Deidre is your coach. Are you ready to Stand Tall with Deidre?

Deidre's book is available, her eBook is ready to download and you now can hire her as your Life Coach. Don’t be afraid to listen, take action, and walk-in God’s promises. Remember, you’re not waiting for Him, He’s waiting on you.

Connect and follow Deidre Williams on Facebook at and Instagram

Keep up the awesome work Deidre! Remember YOU were born to BE and DO great things. Continue to live life on purpose and wake up every morning and GO BE GREAT!


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Deidre Williams
Deidre Williams
14 ago 2020

Wow! Bridgette, this was sooo good! Not because it was about me, but because you're a gift that keeps giving and makes others look amazing. I'm so grateful ❤

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