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Recognize, Evaluate & Celebrate Your Success!

Never Despise the Day of Small Beginnings-

This episode is dedicated to one simple word. Recognize. it is the 5th Step in the 7 Step Formula for Manifesting your dreams. I'm jumping in my mental time machine and taking you back to 2017. Are you ready? I can’t wait to share some simple tips for recognizing where you are in the process of any project that you're working on.

Just a quick recap - This crazy Epiphany hits you and you dive headfirst into working on the "how to's and what's next", to bring it to life. You start feeling the Insanity set in since you are family and friends think you're crazy. You've been learning to take a deep breath and exhale through the madness and have even taken a walk on the wild side and started to say YES to things you normally say no to. Now is not the time to get discouraged.

I know you are probably looking around thinking, "this can NOT be it?" You've been working hard and everything around you looks the same. Trust me I get it. During this time you’ve been trying to stay focused, find balance while developing the foundation for your business. This step in the process is simply to remind you just how important it is to celebrate the entire way. Making time to celebrate the wins is just as important as it is to plan, and execute each step along the way. If you bypass mastering this new lifestyle habit, you will become blinded by the never-ending to-do list and that is where overwhelmed will sneak in.

Celebrating the wins and taking time to recognize how far you’ve come is like hitting the override button for the frustration of not seeing the full results yet.

That's why it's important to take each week break it down and spend time celebrating the winds. This requires you to look back to where you were 30 days prior to and see the progress. If you're working to get organized and create outlines and come up with the plan celebrate that. If you've been taking action and you can see results (even if they're minimal) celebrate that. It's time to stop bypassing the celebration and take a moment to see and recognize where you are in the process. Go ahead…. Shout it out! Pat yourself on the back and embrace the moment!

This me. I was 46. My daughter and I had to downsize again and moved into this teeny tiny apartment in 2017. I had finally stopped working part-time and was truly a starving artist. At the time I was focused on finding new clients, developing my online training, and working to building a following on social media. I literally took over my dining room and DIY-ed it into a home office.

What started out as one poster board of ideas soon turned into a wallpaper of genius! I went to the grocery store and bought black poster board, printer paper, and a million colors of post-its. Each month I would put a posted on the wall my plan of action and just started tackling projects one by one. I was doing it wrong. At the time I was focused on how many new followers I wanted to acquire instead of committing to developing the foundation of my business. Even though that was a small distraction, my main focus quickly became strategizing and planning out my training courses, designing worksheets, and trying to develop my business plan. While likes and followers on social media were not bringing in revenue just yet, it did give me something to shoot for each week.

Each month I made it a habit to create goals, outline a plan of action, and celebrate the wins monthly even if it was even if I did fall short of that goal. Having a vision board, using a dry erase board, or even a sketchbook where you can physically see the goal and intentionally check it off the list for the month is very important.

Here is a 5 step process that will remind you to take a moment to celebrate your progress each month.

Number one - Be Proactive and Don’t Procrastinate

Form a habit each month, add it to your calendar. Don't wait until the first of the month to start planning and setting goals. Start setting your goals for the next month at the end of each month.

Number two - See the Big Picture and Break Down the Pieces

Break those goals down into weekly and daily assignments that cause you to take action each day. This will allow you to hold yourself accountable daily to achieve your goals.

Number three - Technology is Your Friend Don’t Be Afraid

Use technology or notebook dedicated specifically for these goals each month If you're putting your task on the calendar make sure that you are using some format of moving the project along and keeping track of the progress.

Number four - Weekly Status & Reality Check

Have a midweek check-in and a mid-month check-in to analyze where you are and see if there's any setbacks or obstacles that you need to prepare for or shift and pivot in order to get the results that you want for the month.

Number five - Analyze Your Results

On the 25th or the 26th of the month, it's time to start recognizing and reviewing where you are and how far you've come. This will also tie in with the planning for the next month. Don't let any shortfalls or negative situations overshadow the actual steps and success that you've been able to overcome. Every month won't be 100% success that's why you plan and move tasks to the next month so that you can see what you need to do and understand why it wasn't done so you can prepare for making changes the next month.

Creating this lifestyle by changing your monthly habits and routines takes commitment and dedication. Sticking to a monthly, weekly, and daily plan is the best way to start learning to run your business and your life.

A lot of people are afraid of systems and organization and get overwhelmed but it's about making lifestyle changes instead of just going through the motions month to month. once you create these simple routines and embed them into your natural daily habits it will all become the way that you move. Mastering the ability to see the progress and celebrate the evolution of the goals will also allow you to successfully manage your time your productivity and your business. Take advantage of the time that you have each day to review, check, and recognize where you are each day in the process. Most importantly remember to celebrate each and every small win along the way.


Join me each week for a new perspective. Learn how to SHIFT those old thought processes and prepare for the PIVOT to create a major change for your future.

Entrepreneurship is more than a journey, it's a lifestyle. It's time to stop making excuses and BE THE CEO of YOUR LIFE!


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