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The First 5 Steps You MUST take to Manifest Your Dreams

One of the hardest things that I've had to overcome on my journey towards changing my lifestyle and becoming an entrepreneur is learning to trust myself. Do you find yourself second-guessing that feeling or slight twinge in your gut that stops you in your tracks and says “Hey, that was odd?” or “ hmm. Might want to make a note of that.” At that specific moment, it may seem like nothing and can be unclear. But it is in these moments that you need to take a second to pay closer attention and be present in the moment. I hate that it took me over 30 years to be in tuned and recognize this, but our minds and intuition are always several steps ahead of what’s happing in real-time.

It's hard sometimes when you see the world for exactly what it is but you know that there's more. I figured this out, once I stopped looking into the world for the answers that I needed, and started looking into myself. The lightbulb began to flicker when I noticed that every time I wanted to give up or quit, I’d hear that same small soft voice remind me to keep going. Now that I’ve learned to adhere and take action instead of brushing it off this notion, I feel more in control than ever.

After each setback, I’ve started a new routine. This includes picking myself up from failures. Stand up for what I believe in and understanding that this process of change is not meant to bring comfort. By standing up to this and gaining emotional control, I learned that I am much stronger than I think I am. From ending a relationship soon after my daughter was born and embracing the role as a single parent I knew that I was going to raise my daughter on my own. To finding myself suck in retail. I remember being praised one moment and consistently being overlooked for the promised promotion in the next. Overcoming all of these obstacles doesn't even compare to the fight I’ve endured during this transition from a corporate mentality to an entrepreneur mindset.

I have finally realized that I always, already had everything that I need in order to achieve the goals and the dreams that I've set for my life and for my business.

Here are a few of the steps that I think you should take in order to bring your dream to life and manifest your dreams:

Step 1 Trust and Embrace Your Epiphany

Step 2 Remember to Set Boundaries

Step 3 Find Control - Life is How You Respond

Step 4 Start Saying Yes to Big Scary Things

Step 5 You Already Have Everything You Need

Another one of the things that I've learned along the way is learning how to be dedicated to hard work. Some people are accustomed to minimal work, so they are okay with minimal results. But if you are anything like I am, you don’t have time to waste. Perhaps you are like me and your grades didn’t quite cut it in college, or perhaps you’ve never had a piece of the pie and experienced the normalcy of that perfect marriage. I lived in this facade of backward thinking for far too long. Now I see my life and my future is playing out exactly how it’s supposed to.

This is why being the CEO of my life means... making it happen anyway.

Manifesting your Dreams will get Uncomfortable. Just know that this is a part of the process. This is why you have to do it anyway no matter what's happening, and no matter how hard things are. I stop what I’m doing to find the time to make one good/positive thing happen. And celebrate that.

I’ve been in your position. Struggling to be heard, craving to win big, and feeling like no one is listening. I remember the long hours of balancing time spent at a job leading me nowhere and second-guessing my gifts. Every hour off work I’d be hustling, researching, and learning everything I could. All while feeling full of fear and doubt. Wondering, “when will I get a breakthrough,” thinking, if I could only find a hand full of good clients. Why is it so hard? Was a question that played on repeat in my head. I wanted to give up, but there was no way in the world that I was going to stop fighting for my dream. I could see myself as the CEO of my own business. And that is what keeps me going. Even at this very moment.

When you start your own business, it can be super overwhelming. It may seem impossible to fathom that dream in your head becoming a reality. But it’s actually possible. Your epiphany is often hard to describe and put into words. So that is the most frustrating part. The truth is most people will never be able to see your dream either until you’ve learned how to speak it into existence. This is It is your tasks right now, commit to working hard and digging deep, and use every ounce of your being to live life on purpose. It’s not enough to just want everyone to see and enjoy your gifts. You have to bring it out and give it life. Today is the day you utilize your gifts and talents in order to achieve that dream.

My goal this year is to encourage you to step forward and to manifest your dreams. It's very essential that you believe that you can, that you are gifted, and that you can do anything. You just have to believe that. Then let nothing can stop you!

You can Want To Be Your Own Boss...but if you don't take the time to set the tone for your own business, you will still simply be working for someone else.

It's been 10 years since I quit my corporate job in retail. I used to work for others but now I help others work for themselves. Over the last few months, I've helped several futurepreneurs become entrepreneurs who are now learning to run their business and be the CEO. These women are not only the CEO of their business but their life. This lifestyle requires taking a leap of faith and learning to dream while you're awake. It is the hardest thing that you have to do and that's just open your eyes. When you are ready, I can help you do the same. BYOB MASTERMIND

This week being the CEO of my life means making it happen anyway. These are five steps that you must take NOW to manifest your dreams. My name is Bridgette Rooks and I am the CEO of Cre8tive Vibes my company helps entrepreneurs believe in their greatness, and become the CEO of their life and live life on Purpose.


Join me each week for a new episode and a new perspective. Learn how to SHIFT those old thought processes and prepare for the PIVOT to create a major change for your future.

Entrepreneurship is more than a journey, it's a lifestyle. It's time to stop making excuses and BE THE CEO of YOUR LIFE!


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