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The Productive Procrastinator

Do You Want to Make Money or Daydream About Making Money?

I get it. Some days you wake up in the morning and feel inspired and empowered like you can all achieve your goals in one day! You finally have a day off or time to yourself and you think, I’m going to be productive today! Perhaps you recently watched a great Netflix documentary that sparked a fire. Or you’ve been doing research and a YouTube influencer made you believe you to can "get rich quick " by doing what they do. Most likely you are simply sick and tired of being sick and tired so you take a leap of faith and tell yourself “Today is the Day!”

The next sequence of events is what usually happens next:

  • You start texting or emailing a business coach and finally decide to hire them

  • You log in to the signup page for a paid course and read the outline (again)

  • You make your favorite beverage get your notebook out and get busy making notes about your business

  • You have a genius thought and think this will make a great Instagram post

  • You snap a few photos to post on social media and #somethingclever

  • You get back to “planning”

  • You start getting notifications from your post and begin to engage with your “community”

--- 2 hours later---

  • Your stomach growls your favorite beverage is gone

  • You look at the time and feel productive

  • You are exhausted from the chatting online and talking about your business that you just did

  • Your Coach responds to your earlier email/text with a price and meeting invite

  • You look back at how productive you just were and feel confident that you can get it done by yourself - I mean, look at all the work you just did!

The good thing about this scenario is that you could very well wake up feeling ready to take action and plan, promote, and work on your business. However, posting random moments to your social media and engaging with people who are not leads, they don't know what you do and they have no intention of paying you. It’s proof that you just wasted your time and you need help. There is a difference between RUNNING your business and LOOKING like you are running a business. I want you to be the CEO of your LIFE and take charge of your Business.

Hiring a Brand Development Coach is not a sign of failure it is the 1st step towards accountability. Truth is you are not the only one who struggles to stay focused and completing tasks and making progress. Developing your business requires dedication, patience, and time. The Entrepreneur Lifestyle may seem exciting and easy. Honestly when you see successful Entrepreneurs online what you see are the results of someone who has been right where you are, struggling but they did the work.

You don’t have to struggle to figure it all out. I’ve been there, I’ve struggled and that’s why I cre8ted the BYOB Mastermind Training Series that allows you to go at your own pace, get help as need, and develop your business with confidence.

Take action today and get your thoughts out of your head and on to paper. The Entrepreneur Checklist is the 1st stop. Once you complete this course you will have your Business Blueprint Summary complete. This is an outline of your Business Vision or Idea.

Next - it’s time to work on your action plan. The Mindset Makeover is an ongoing process so you will need to do 2 things. Take the course and use the 90 Mindset Makeover Journal for action planning and accountability. Learn how to set goals, change habits, and the importance of controlling your emotions. If you DON’T do anything, THIS is the most important course. Don’t skip it!

The BYOB (Be Your Own Brand) Series is where you will do the work and cre8te your official Business Blueprint. Your Business Blueprint is what you will use for website content, backend structuring, and is a complete outline of your business vision. You will be required to complete each task and take action before moving on to the next step. This is where you will need to take charge and become the CEO of your life. DO-THE-WORK! It’s honestly just that simple. If you rush through this course and don’t take the time to write, create, and build the structure now, you won’t have a business. Passing this step is where people advance or fail.

What will you do?

There are 2 additional levels in the BYOB Mastermind Series that follow, but they are high-level courses that are only available for people who successfully complete the previous workload.

Think about it like this, if I gave you a car when you were 6 years old, would that do you any good? You couldn’t drive it, you wouldn’t know how it works or understands the functionality or purpose. Most importantly you’d have to wait to use it. This is why the design and website come last, it is the fun part! It’s the celebration of all your work and now you get to see it come to life.

So again, don’t let procrastination and fear of failure prolong your life’s dream of making money for yourself. Take action and BE the CEO of Your Life!

You were Cre8ted to Win!

Go Be Great!

PS. Respond now - Don't procrastinate! :)


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